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Mining with botnet
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(11-13-2017, 02:27 PM)Neko Wrote:
Quote:"In a hypothetical example of a 10,000-device botnet, profit without mining is $11,000.00 while profit with mining is $11,007.61—just a $7.61 gain," the company wrote.

Actually, i prefer that you use Hardware instead Botnet, or maybe Virtual Private Server as Cloud Mining, or maybe you can read this article:
sry if i wrong :p

Problem you have is that most servers are CPU based, meaning mining on those would be pointless and you'd lose money. Along with the fact that most VPS providers ban that sort of thing. Plus that article you linked only really covers Bitcoin. You can easily buy crypto-currencies, inflate the price using your botnet (along with making a little bit of money along the side), then reselling your assets returning a profit and then work on another currency.

Mining with a botnet can be profitable and easily done. I can show you how to get a botnet mining just by using a site or a link they click. Normally, you can use a function that allows you to secretly access webpages. This allows us to 'Browser Mine' in the background. Only using a certain % of their CPU but earning lots of $$$.
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