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Admin  Christmas Contest

Greetings!  The christmas contest is live now, By entering this contest the result will be a cool rewards that i will mention below.

How this contest works?
  • By posting new thread in those forums Cracked Programs and Leaks Then the credits income will be more high than the default.
  • New thread from 3 credits will be 10 credits.

Contest ending time is: 30/12/2017

Check our credits shop for Donator Membership: https://crackforums.net/newpoints.php?action=shop

It cost 500 credits. That's mean 50 threads in the sections i mentioned above.

Good luck.

Note: The rest of the credits will be give by me! It is not an automatic system for more credits.

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Much Better right now, Thank you!
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# Thread Closed.
# Reason: Contest ended.

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